5 Uses for Toner

An Adjustment for pH Balance

Believe it or not, a normal amount of sweat and oil is good for your skin. And when you cleanse your face, you can strip these essentials away, changing your skin's pH balance. When your pH balance is thrown off, your skin actually becomes more prone to oiliness. Fortunately for most people, the skin readjusts itself within a few hours and gets back to its desired balance.

So where does toner come in? Well, if you're someone with normal to dry skin, you probably don't need toner for this purpose at all. In fact, if the toner has alcohol (which many toners that are marketed as astringents do) it can make your skin too dry. However, if your skin is very oily, you might want to consider applying toner to your face after washing it so that you can keep excessive oiliness at bay.

Even though people with oily skin can benefit from astringents, some toners are designed to help those with dry skin. Keep reading to find out more.