How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Makeup Application Tips for Dark Under-Eye Circles

If surgery is too expensive and creams just don't cut it, perhaps some good old-fashioned camouflage is in order. Try a light-reflecting concealer -- but be sure to choose one that's not white or gray because those won't work very well. Look for a yellow or gold base that will counteract the bluish color of the circles [source: Mayo Clinic]. If the concealer is too light, you'll end up with light circles instead of dark ones. Follow the concealer with a translucent face powder to seal it.

Some makeup artists recommend using a good under-eye moisturizing cream containing glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E, which will hydrate the skin. They also suggest using one that contains vitamin K because it may constrict veins and capillaries. You can even mix the concealer with the moisturizer so it goes on more smoothly.

Try calling attention to your brow area and away from the under eye area by curling your lashes. Don't apply eyeliner or mascara to your lower lashes because it will draw too much attention to that area [source: Wadyka]. For a wide-eyed look, line the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeliner.

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