Nude Makeup Basics

Choosing a Nude Makeup Collection

First things first -- take a long, hard look at your skin, sans makeup. To select the best nude makeup collection, you must determine your skin tone. Usually, people who tan very easily have yellow or olive undertones. If you flush or sunburn easily, you have pink or ruddy undertones. A person with neutral skin tone has no noticeable undertones.

If you're having trouble deciding, a makeup artist or salesperson at the cosmetic counter of your favorite department store can help you determine your skin tone. You also can find a picture of a celebrity who has a skin tone similar to your own.

Once you know your skin tone, you're sitting pretty. Many cosmetic companies have made an effort to offer you their take on perfectly coordinated nude products. They've created product lines that do the matching for you, and most nude makeup collections usually include several shades of eye shadow, blush, foundation, and lip gloss or lipstick. For example, one collection by a major makeup distributor includes several eye shadows that work together in soft shades of beige, brick red and bronze. It also includes dark brown eyeliner in gel form and a lip gloss in a pleasing red earth tone. Another collection includes:

  • A transparent beige face powder
  • Coral and chestnut blush
  • Eye shadow in subtle shades of pink, beige, peach and golden brown
  • Dark brown eyeliner
  • A warm beige lipstick

Companies have their own take on the colors, with names such as sand, apricot, berry, taupe, smoke, Egyptian brown and brightening gold.

Now that you've narrowed down the products you need, read on to learn how to apply the makeup to accentuate your favorite features.