Nude Makeup Basics

Nude Makeup Styling Tips

Nude makeup is designed to give you flawless-looking skin. To achieve this level of fresh-faced beauty, begin by exfoliating your skin to create a smooth canvas.

Next, apply your foundation, carefully blending to avoid telltale edges where your makeup ends and your bare skin begins. Select a foundation with a light texture. The foundation should match your skin tone; however, you could use one shade lighter to brighten your face. If you use a powder, apply it sparingly so that it doesn't cake.

Apply the foundation to your eyelids, too, to even out any discoloration. Steal a trick from top makeup artists and apply mascara before liner or shadow; it gives you a guideline to follow when applying the rest of your eye makeup [source: Coombes]. Plump those lashes with dark brown, not black, mascara. If you have light lashes, also give a light coating to your lower lashes. From your nude eye shadow collection, use the lightest shade for the highest point under your eyebrow. Use the medium shade on the lid and the darkest shade next to your lashes [source: Coombes]. Next comes liner; start from the inner corner of your eye and move outward. Make the line slightly thicker above your pupil to create a wide-open look.

For supple lips, exfoliate gently, and then apply lip balm. Apply a dab of concealer (this helps hold lip color longer) and smooth on a lip gloss picked from your nude palette. To really plump your pout, dab a bit of gold- or silver-toned lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. Steer clear of lip liner -- it will look too harsh.

As you can see, a nude makeup look takes some effort, but by using the proper palette and following the application tips above, you can let your natural beauty shine out. To learn more about nude makeup, check out the links below.

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