How to Remove Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof Makeup Removers

Because waterproof makeup is made to last, you'll need products that are specifically designed to take it off. Many women have experienced frustration at attempting to remove their makeup at night only to wake up in the morning with traces of it still on their face. The solution to this messy dilemma is in selecting the right remover.

Most makeup removers contain both oil and water. If you purchase a makeup remover, pay attention to its oil-to-water ratio. It's the oil that actually loosens the makeup from your skin, so when you're using waterproof makeup, you'll probably want to use a remover that has a higher concentration of oil [source: Brown].

Much like waterproof makeup, however, using makeup removers isn't always good for your eyes [source: DC Area Eyecare]. Some removers -- as well as more generic products, like baby oil and Vaseline, which are sometimes used to wipe off makeup -- actually leave a combined residue of remover and makeup on the rim of your eye. This can smudge on your face and get into your eye, causing a number of issues, including dry eyes [source: DC Area Eyecare]. You should be as cautious when you're removing your makeup as you are when you put it on.

Look for a remover that's specifically designed for use around the eyes. These products will be less harsh, less likely to irritate the eye and usually fragrance free. There are a number of products available, from oils to cleansers and wipes. There are even makeup removing sticks -- some brands claim their products don't leave any troublesome residue behind [source: Fox].

Now that you know how to choose the right makeup remover, read on to learn some tried-and-true techniques for wiping your face clean.