Skin Toner Basics

What's missing from this skin care regimen? Toner, of course. See more pictures of getting beautiful skin.
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You've got your daily skin care routine: wash, dry and you're done. You might throw on some lotion if your face is really dry. But that's just not enough. Maybe your skin still feels oily after you wash it, or you wish your skin and pores could be a little tighter. Adding a skin toner to your daily regimen might be the perfect solution.

Chances are that you've seen skin toner on the shelves at your beauty supply store, sitting next to the bottles of cleanser and moisturizer that you buy. If you're not sure what exactly skin toner does or how to choose the right one, then this article is for you. First, you should know that the term "toner" is often loosely used. You might have shied away from toner in the past because you've heard of it drying out skin in some cases and moisturizing it in others. The confusion can be attributed to the fact that the toner label has been applied to a few different kinds of products.

This article will show you the differences among the products and explain how to choose the right kind of toner for your skin. You don't want to dry out your skin; you want to make it look beautiful. Based on what kind of skin you have -- and thus, what kind of toner you should be using -- you'll also learn how to use skin toner to bring out the best in your face.

So, you're still a little leery about toner (especially after hearing that it can refer to several different products), but you're ready to take the plunge. Read on to discover more about the skin care formulas that fall under toner's umbrella term and what each of them can do to enhance your skin.