Collagen Injections Overview

Cost of Collagen Injections

On average, each collagen injection costs between $350 and $450 [sources: RealSelf, Bernstein]. This price depends on where the patient receives treatment; in larger urban areas, the cost per injection could be more than $500.

Costs can add up quickly because biodegradable collagen injections break down in three to six months, just like the collagen your body naturally produces. A patient may need a touch-up visit sooner than three months after the first injection [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. Most patients receive between two and four injections per year. For a year's worth of treatments, the cost could be about $1,000, depending on how often injections are required and how much the doctor charges for each one. Still, this price is much less than a facelift.

To ensure a safe and satisfactory experience with collagen injections, some resources caution patients to avoid low-cost offers, which may indicate an inexperienced practitioner. Patients should consult a doctor to determine what injections would work best and what the price will be. [source: Berstein].

Depending on how extensive the treatment is, additional fees may be required. Patients should be aware of charges for anesthesia, prescription medications and medical tests, all of which could raise the price of treatment [source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons]. Most health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures such as collagen injections, so patients will likely have to foot the entire bill.

To find out how collagen injections work with your health insurance -- or if they will at all -- keep reading.