Collagen Injections Overview

Collagen Injections and Insurance

Health insurance is meant to partially cover the costs of regular doctor visits and act as a safety net in the event of serious illness. However, most insurance plans specifically state that they don't cover cosmetic procedures [source: Lewis].

Cosmetic procedures are designed to improve your body aesthetically, whereas reconstructive surgery is designed to improve your body's function. Having a breast-reduction to reduce back pain would most likely be covered, but having breast implants to improve how you look would not. Your insurance may cover certain cosmetic procedures, but only if they are for reconstructive surgery [source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons]. Rarely will a collagen injection fall under this definition. Collagen injections are relatively inexpensive compared with other cosmetic procedures. One option is to talk to your dermatologist who may recommend a loan or payment plan.

Read your health insurance policy closely to see if you'll be covered if the collagen injections create medical complications. Many insurance companies will not pay for medical bills caused by an elective procedure. You may want to consider purchasing an additional insurance policy to cover such expenses [source: CosmetAssure].