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With the advent of prepackaged cleansing wipes -- soap-soaked disposable cloths -- washing your face has never been quicker or easier. And people are taking notice. In general, the market for cleaning wipes isn't climbing as fast as it used to, but researchers still believe sales will increase by nearly 4 percent a year. This translates to more than $2 billion in sales by 2013 [source: Pitman]. The skin care industry is taking advantage of people's growing interest in cleansing wipes. A quick glance through the facial cleansers aisle will show that many skin care brands have their own version of a facial cleansing wipe.

You don't have to be a beauty industry expert or skin care specialist to understand the appeal of face cleansing wipes. These cleansing cloths are aimed at making your life easier in many ways. Sitting at your desk in the middle of the workday when skin is getting oily, you can simply reach for a cleansing wipe for a quick refresher without leaving your desk. When traveling or without easy access to a sink, you can just delve into your purse for a pack of disposable cleansing cloths to freshen up.


With the abundance of face cleanser wipes available, it shouldn't be difficult to find one you like. And as an added bonus, they are a relatively low-cost product. Most drugstore brands start at around $6. Plus, if you have a favorite brand, chances are that it will also have a cleansing wipe product available. Their ease of use, benefits and relative low cost could make them a staple in your skin care routine.

If the thought of no-hassle face cleaning intrigues you, read on to learn more about the different types of cleansing cloths out there.


Types of Face Cleansing Wipes

You want your face to glow, but oily and slick-looking skin is another matter altogether. If washing your face in the restroom on your lunch break doesn't sound appealing, then face cleansing wipes might be the solution to your midday greasy-skin dilemma.

Face cleansing wipes come in two varieties: dry wipes and wet wipes. Dry wipes require some water for use. A quick run under the faucet allows the cloth to create a foam when gently rubbed against the skin. The second type can be used anywhere because they are already moistened. Many of the wipes come in one large container, but some wipes also are individually wrapped for convenience.


Both dry wipes and wet wipes have a variety of ingredients that range from gentle moisturizers to strong exfoliants, which help remove dead skin for a smoother complexion. Some skin-nourishing vitamins found in cleanser cloths are vitamins B5, C and E. Some stronger wipes have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in them, which help remove oil and prevent acne breakouts. The cloths often have two sides, with the softer side used to clean and moisturize and the other to exfoliate.

The wipes not only come in wet or dry varieties, but the construction of the cloths themselves ranges from open weave to closed weave. Open-weave cloths, which have visible holes within the cloth, are softer and good for exfoliating sensitive skin. Closed-weave cloths, which have smaller, tightly woven holes, are rougher and better for exfoliating oily, less sensitive skin [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

If you're also interested in reducing the look of fine lines and brightening your skin, read on to learn about a special skin-rejuvenating vitamin included in some popular wipes.


No-Rinse Face Cleansing Wipes

The feeling of water against your skin can be a wonderfully refreshing sensation. But when splashing water on your face isn't possible -- or when you're just too tired to drag yourself to your bathroom sink at the end of a long night -- no-rinse face cleansing wipes can be your best friend in skin care.

No-rinse cleansing wipes are usually pre-moistened and come either individually packaged or in one larger container that can be resealed. These kinds of wipes can be useful when you're doing outdoor activities, especially during warmer weather. The wipes can remove dirt and sweat before they settle into your pores. Some no-rinse wipes can even remove waterproof makeup.


If you tend to get oil buildup during the day, you can use no-rinse wipes to refresh your skin quickly on a lunch break at work or between classes at school. But these wipes aren't just good for clearing away excess oil. If you're on a road trip or camping someplace with minimal access to sanitation, no-rinse wipes can keep you face feeling fresh.

Although no-rinse wipes are helpful to have on hand when you're on the go, they are also useful for those lazy days when you just don't feel like standing over your bathroom sink. Dermatologists strongly advise against going to bed without washing your face because the buildup of oils and makeup can cause clog pores and possibly lead to breakouts. No-rinse wipes can help you wash off the day and head to bed with clean skin.

Whether you choose to use no-rinse face cleansing wipes or another type, the products can be very helpful to keep on hand. Read on to learn about the many benefits of facial cleansing wipes.


Benefits of Face Cleansing Wipes

Face it -- some days skin care probably isn't on the top of your to-do list. Whether you're super busy, under the weather or just don't want to mess with multiple steps to clean your skin, you're likely tempted to skip washing your face at least a few times a week. And if you're away from home, your skin might suffer even more because it can be difficult to drag your normal battery of products along. That's when face cleansing wipes can be a skin saver. Skin care specialists strongly advise washing your face daily, otherwise your skin can break out or become dull. But face cleansing wipes can make it a little more convenient to wipe your face clean before bed.

Face cleansing wipes also are easy to use because they come with a cleansing product already on them. Whether they are dry or pre-moistened, the wipes already contain the correct amount and type of ingredients needed for facial cleansing. Even people with acne-prone or sensitive skin have a wide selection of wipes to choose from.


Another major benefit of cleansing wipes is their all-in-one ingredients feature. Some of the products have cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing abilities, which allow people who normally don't spend much time on skin care to at least get those basic tasks done. And for those who normally partake of a full skin care treatment but don't have time on certain days, they can still get those three steps done by simply using one cleansing cloth.

Many people consider hygiene to be another benefit. Unlike with a pot of cream or foaming wash that requires the use of your fingers, cleansing wipes allow the user to clean his face without worry of contaminating a container with germs by repeatedly touching it [source: Branna]. Even so, many traditional cleansing products have preservatives and antibacterial agents to prevent contamination, so cleansing wipes might not have as much of an advantage here as you might think.

With all the advantages and the wide range of types available, many people have turned to cleansing wipes to help them face the world with clean, oil-free skin. If you think you might be one of them or you just want a little more information, more links and articles await you on the next page.


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