Face Cleansing Wipes

Types of Face Cleansing Wipes

You want your face to glow, but oily and slick-looking skin is another matter altogether. If washing your face in the restroom on your lunch break doesn't sound appealing, then face cleansing wipes might be the solution to your midday greasy-skin dilemma.

Face cleansing wipes come in two varieties: dry wipes and wet wipes. Dry wipes require some water for use. A quick run under the faucet allows the cloth to create a foam when gently rubbed against the skin. The second type can be used anywhere because they are already moistened. Many of the wipes come in one large container, but some wipes also are individually wrapped for convenience.

Both dry wipes and wet wipes have a variety of ingredients that range from gentle moisturizers to strong exfoliants, which help remove dead skin for a smoother complexion. Some skin-nourishing vitamins found in cleanser cloths are vitamins B5, C and E. Some stronger wipes have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in them, which help remove oil and prevent acne breakouts. The cloths often have two sides, with the softer side used to clean and moisturize and the other to exfoliate.

The wipes not only come in wet or dry varieties, but the construction of the cloths themselves ranges from open weave to closed weave. Open-weave cloths, which have visible holes within the cloth, are softer and good for exfoliating sensitive skin. Closed-weave cloths, which have smaller, tightly woven holes, are rougher and better for exfoliating oily, less sensitive skin [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

If you're also interested in reducing the look of fine lines and brightening your skin, read on to learn about a special skin-rejuvenating vitamin included in some popular wipes.