Facial Mist Sprays

Types of Facial Mist Sprays

If you'd like to try out a facial mist, you have a lot of options. You can pick which one you want to try by looking at the type of water used as a base and the added ingredients the mist contains.

First, consider what kind water is used. Evian -- well known for its bottled waters -- was among the first to hit upon the idea of putting mineral drinking water in a canister with nitrogen to propel it toward your face. In fact, Evian's spray was first designed for medical use in hospitals and burn units [source: Loxley]. Depending on the brand, the water might contain different minerals such as calcium or magnesium in different concentrations. Other mist sprays use spring water, ocean water or simple purified water. Most of this is up to your personal preference -- many of the compounds that water can contain can't be absorbed through your skin.

Next, look at the rest of the ingredients the mist contains. Some mists are just water and a propellant. Others contain herbs, oils and extracts touted to firm up, moisturize, invigorate or have some other effect on your skin. Many mists also contain sunscreen -- always a good idea -- so that you can moisturize and add some extra skin protection on top of your makeup.

If you're a fan of aromatherapy, you can look for a spray with essential oils or herbal extracts. Which one you choose is primarily based on what smells good to you and what mood or feeling you're trying to conjure.

On the next page, you'll learn how facial sprays can boost your skin's moisture level or -- if used incorrectly -- might actually make your skin feel drier.