Organic Skin Cleansing Products

Types of Organic Skin Cleansing Products

If you've wandered down the skin care products aisle at the store lately, you've seen just how many items are available, from gels to foams to peels. Organic skin cleansers also come in a variety of forms. You can choose from bars of soap, soap-free liquid cleansers, cleansing gels and even cleansing milks. If you need to slough off dead skin cells, you can try an organic peel, face mask or exfoliating scrub.

The choices don't stop there -- you need to consider ingredients, too. Some ingredients might be more helpful or better suited to your skin type than others.

Organic skin cleansers may contain ingredients such as sugars, tree bark, plant oils, honey, leaf extracts, fruit juices, vitamins and minerals. If you want your skin to retain its moisture after cleansing, look for a product that contains honey [source: Organic Agriculture and Products Education Institute]. Or maybe you want to soothe sensitive skin while cleansing; if so, you could go for a cleansing milk made with rose or lavender. Any number of ingredients might be available to you, from lemongrass and green tea to eucalyptus, aloe vera and blueberry seeds [source: Scirrotto].

If you haven't found a formula you like, or if you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you might try making your own skin cleanser at home. A simple Internet search will return a large number of homemade recipes for organic skin cleansers. But be careful when testing such recipes at home, since they could cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

Now that you know what options are available, it's time to decide whether an organic skin cleanser might be right for you. Up next, find out what makes organic products appealing and what might make organic skin cleansers just another scam.