What makes a cleanser mild?

Benefits of Mild Skin Cleansers

Washing your skin until it's red, dry or irritated won't get it any cleaner or prevent breakouts. In fact, you could be causing more damage to your skin and encouraging the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. But washing your face twice a day with a mild skin cleanser could be just what your skin needs.

Using cleansers with a lot of added ingredients -- fragrances, dyes and harsh detergents -- can cause contact dermatitis, a painful rash caused by allergens. Soaps, cleansers and cosmetics are some of the main causes for contact dermatitis, but mild skin cleansers decrease the likelihood of allergic reaction because they contain less irritating ingredients [source: Mayo Clinic].

It's common knowledge that acne doesn't affect only teens. Harsh, drying soaps can aggravate sensitive and acne-prone skin, increasing the likelihood of breakouts -- even in adults. But using mild skin cleansers will soothe inflamed skin and help prevent acne [source: Libov].

Oily skin can benefit from mild skin cleansers as well. The more oil -- or sebum -- you strip away with harsh cleansers, the more oil your glands will produce to counteract this drying effect. If your skin already overproduces oil, don't give it a reason to go into overdrive. Mild skin cleansers will keep your skin from drying out too much and keep oil glands from overproducing sebum [source: Web MD].

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