Collagen Lip Treatments

Cost of Collagen Lip Injections

Collagen lip injections can be pricey. But you should you pay a lot for an experienced doctor, or you can search for cheaper prices and run the risk of a poor treatment. The average cost of a collagen injection in the lips in the U.S. is at about $370 [source: Cosmetic Surgery]. In addition, that's usually just for the collagen -- it doesn't factor in other potential costs, like testing and anesthesia. And if you want the collagen to "stick" or last in your lips, you'll have to dig deeper into your pockets. One treatment alone won't do it. You'll usually need multiple treatments of a collagen lip filler, and after a while the costs can add up.

While a collagen treatment may still seem expensive, it's more affordable than some other injectable lip fillers. The average cost of a fat injection, for example, can cost over three times the amount of one collagen treatment [source: Cosmetic Surgery].


The most affordable way to make your lips look plumper is to try alternatives before you decide to get a collagen injection. Some lipsticks and lip glosses contain ingredients that claim to increase the level of collagen in your lips. You can also experiment by choosing colors that make your lips appear fuller and using a liner to define them [source: Brown].

If you're not satisfied with the lip-plumping effects of cosmetics, bovine-derived collagen injections are generally less expensive than human-derived collagen injections [source: Nazario]. However, even though bovine-derived injections can be perfectly safe, human-derived injections are less risky. To learn more about the safety of collagen lip treatments, go on to the next page.