Top 5 Body Moisturizing Tips for Men

If you're tired of dry, scratchy skin, it may be time to take a break from your old-fashioned bar soap. See more beautiful skin pictures.

Our skin is not only our largest organ, but it also has one of the longest to-do lists of our body's assets. We have it to thank for our sense of touch, temperature regulation, protection of our "insides" and storage of important ingredients to daily life -- things like water and vitamin D [sources: University of Maryland Medical Center, KidsHealth].

With all that work, it's no wonder our skin doesn't always withstand what we put it through. Harsh weather conditions, improper care and other habits can lead to problems, such as dryness. However, long before the symptoms of dry skin set it -- pain, itchiness and tightness -- you can take steps to be a friend to your skin.

And those steps aren't just for women. In fact, the inherent protections in male skin -- which is typically thicker than female skin, not as sensitive and often more naturally oily -- can lead to poor home care and the onset of dry skin. So for those men looking to give their skin a helping hand in the moisture department, read on for five moisturizing tips that won't bog down your routine, but will keep flaky skin at bay.