How Shaving Works

Shaving Products

Classic shaving technology.
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Before leaving the topic of shaving, we should say something about lather and shaving products. Wet shaving would be much more difficult if it weren't for some kind of lather to lubricate the whole process.

Originally (and still today for many people) the lubricant was soap. You can use plain old bathroom soap applied to the skin with your hand. But the tradition of the old shaving mug, with a bar of shaving soap at the bottom, is much more common. The soap is applied with a special shaving brush with bristles made of badger hair. Yes, badger hair.


­ According to How to get that perfect shave, the mug and brush are the only way to go when applying lather for a shave. But if you watch football, baseball and bask­etball on TV, you are led to believe otherwise. The commercials on these shows bombard men with the message that shaving cream in an aerosol can is the only way to go. We'll leave that debate for another time. But let's talk about shaving cream for one moment. ­