5 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin

You weren't blessed with oil-free skin? These tips will help you even the score. See more personal hygiene pictures.

Some people seem to have it all. When the powers that be doled out gifts, they were the clear favorites. They got the smarts, the humor, the looks, the money, the taste. And they're never, ever seen mopping at their faces with a tissue, trying to wipe off the oil that just ... won't ... stop ... coming.

It's enough to make you hate those people, isn't it? And their perfect, perfect skin.

Because, for most of us, skin problems are a fact of life. By mid-day, your reflection in the mirror has enough shine to blind an onlooker, and you stand there saying, "Why? WHY?" as your confidence deflates a tiny bit.

There's hope, friend. We have five tips for those of you whose oil glands are out of control.