Skin Care Tips for Men

If you're looking for great skin care tips for men, look no further. In this section you'll find several men's skin care tips including how to combat problem skin, how to prevent shaving rash and more!

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In years past, a man's skin-care regimen generally consisted of aftershave and a mild sunburn. But the skin you're walking around in is your body's largest organ, and taking care of it is important. So what can you do when it's dry or irritated?

By Tom Scheve

Some people have all the luck: the looks, the money -- and perfect, oil-free skin. We can't help with the first two, but if your oil glands are out of control, we have five tips to help you manage.

By Katie Lambert

Sandpaper is great for refinishing a piece of furniture, but it's no good if people use it to describe your skin. If your dry skin is causing you grief, take note: we have five ways to help keep it in check.

By Elizabeth Sprouse


The human body has about 3 million sweat glands, and based on advertising, it seems there are 3 million products to wash sweat and smell away. But do body washes marketed as deodorizing remove body odor, or do they simply cover it with perfume?

By Michael Franco

Contrary to all of the skin care commercials on TV these days, it isn't just women who have issues and need help. Men have the same problems with their T-zones and pores. But are the treatments the same?

By Sara Elliott

These days, men are expected to be more sensitive than ever. But while sensitivity of the heart and mind are desirable, sensitive skin is just a pain in the … well, skin. So how should men deal with it?

By Carol White