5 Skin Care Tips for Men With Dry Skin

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In years past, a man's skin-care regimen generally consisted of aftershave and a mild sunburn. With our increasing longevity and continued research and development into skin care, many of us now see the sense in caring for the protective suits we arrived in.

The skin you're walking around in is actually your body's largest organ. It's useful and resilient: It holds water in, it keeps bacteria and viruses out, and you can even spill drinks on it without it staining.

But if you have excessively dry skin -- and many, many people do -- your skin's function is compromised. Not only will it feel tight, itchy and uncomfortable, but skin that's scaly or cracked also offers vulnerable points-of-entry to dangerous pathogens.

So how should men care for their dry skin? See the next page to find out.