5 Skin Care Tips for Men With Rough Skin

Practice Product Prudence

When it comes to your products, what works for your sweetheart might not work for you. Although you don't have to go fancy, if you have different skin types, skin care options may be something you can't share.

Earlier, you learned what to look for in your moisturizers, but what about cleansers for rough skin? First, when it comes to facial and body cleansers, go with a liquid option over a bar, which can be tough on your skin. Second, shy away from added ingredients not well-suited to rough skin, such as alcohols, antibacterial detergents and deodorants. Instead, look for added fats and oils.

If your face and body are similar in skin type, try going double-duty and use the same product for both. And just as you can go with less-expensive options for your moisturizer, seek an affordable selection [sources: MedlinePlus, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics].

If you find that your skin care regimen just isn't taking care of your skin issues, you may want to consider some over-the-counter helpers. For example, creams with urea or cortisone cream for itchiness control can help sooth rough skin [source: Skinsight].