5 Skin Care Tips for Men With Rough Skin


Stress Less

The skin care regimen you follow and products you use can get you only so far. You also need to consider a holistic approach to keeping your skin smooth. In fact, did you know that when it comes to skin challenges, such as eczema, stress can bring on flare-ups?

So to make sure that you don't sabotage your other skin care efforts, put stress management at the top of your list. This may seem daunting considering just how many stressors we have coming our way daily, but it's certainly possible.

To curb the stress in your life, the first thing you need to do is put a name to it! Do you feel pressure from family issues, health concerns or your job? By identifying your stress, you can then determine if there are authentic steps you can take to mitigate it.

That said, some things may not be able to be changed. In those instances, add some healthy coping techniques to your life. For example, try meditating, getting physically active, playing or listening to music, practicing yoga and connecting with friends and family in social settings. Practicing these coping mechanisms will help your inner peace visibly shine through in the form of healthier skin.

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Skin Care Tips for Men with Oily Skin

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