How to Keep Your Skin from Drying Out Overnight

Take these steps to protect your skin overnight.
Take these steps to protect your skin overnight.

Do you wake up with a parched, flaky face that makes you want to dive back under the covers? Known to doctors as xerosis, dryness occurs when low humidity levels, sun exposure, harsh soaps, acne treatments and other abrasive factors degrade the skin's natural moisture barrier, leading to peeling, irritation and cracks. The condition often worsens in winter, thanks to cold temperatures, bitter gusts of wind and dry indoor air [source: Orenstein].

But you can't just worry about your skin when the sun goes down. Address your dry complexion throughout the day by wearing a moisturizer with SPF, opting for a gentle cleanser and avoiding dehydrating products or cosmetics. When it comes to serious prevention and treatment, they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Since cell turnover and water loss happen faster while you snooze, nighttime really is the right time for locking in moisture and banishing flakiness [source: Prevention].

But how can you maximize those precious eight hours (or, let's be honest, seven, or six) of rest and rejuvenation? With appropriate products and a little dedication, you can turn your nightly nap into a full-scale assault on thirsty, scaly skin. Keep reading to find out more.