Top 10 Tips for Cleansing Dry Skin

Soaking too long in the bath can spell trouble for people with dry skin. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
Alexander Nicholson/Getty Images

If you're struggling with scaly, flaky skin -- whether it's all over your body or concentrated in one area -- you'll want to take notes on these 10 tips for cleansing dry skin. Proper skin cleansing requires understanding how skin works, and there are lots of skin care myths circulating about the largest organ in your body. We've got some good news for you: Taking care of dry skin is fairly simple. Really, it's all about timing, which is essential to proper skin care. Cleansing dry skin calls for being gentle and patient, as well as staying attuned to external factors like the climate. In this article, we'll focus on skin cleansing tips to comfort and nourish dry skin.