5 Things to Do Before Going to the Nail Salon


Fight Fungal Infections

Bothered by a greenish hue beneath your nails? That discoloration is a sure sign of a bacteria or fungal infection, a condition that plagues more than 2.5 million Americans each year. If you schedule your mani-pedi while you're displaying symptoms, you could easily spread the infection to other customers.

While you may find a manicurist who's willing to overlook this problem, most on-the-level nail salons will refuse to treat you if your nails show signs of an infection. Sure, you may be relieved to find a place to get your nails done before a big date, but if they're letting you come in with green nails, who knows what other health and safety steps they're skipping? Play it safe and visit your doctor for treatment before you head for the nail salon. Your fellow customers will thank you.