Top 5 Treatments for Brittle Nails


Fortified Nail Polishes

Nail polishes don't have to be simply cosmetic enhancers. Fortified nail polishes are packed with extra vitamins and minerals and promises to boost nail health. Some of them have rather ambitious names -- e.g., Sally Hansen Miracle Cure -- and equally lofty claims. (Consider again the Sally Hansen product, which cites laboratory data claiming 50 percent stronger nails in three days [source: Sally Hansen].)

But it's not just about what type of polish you put on. You should also pay attention to what you use to take off nail polish. Nail products, particularly nail polish removers, can contain some harmful ingredients. Avoid any products containing formaldehyde, acetone or toluene, all of which can harm nail health. Formaldehyde, the same ingredient used in embalming, and acetone can dry out nails. Camphor and phthalates may also cause allergic reactions.