Top 5 Treatments for Brittle Nails


Protect Your Hands

Protecting your hands and your nails can be as simple as donning a pair of gloves when doing the dishes.
Protecting your hands and your nails can be as simple as donning a pair of gloves when doing the dishes.
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Protect your nails by protecting your hands. Wear gloves, particularly in cold weather or when washing dishes. Excessive hand washing allows water to seep into nails, swelling them and leading to brittleness.

Keep nails short. They're more likely to be damaged when they become long, and they could get in the way of day-to-day tasks. Office work, in particular, can be hard on your hands, as it involves a lot of manual activity. Stay alert, such as by carefully closing drawers so as not to catch your fingers in them.

Poor circulation may also be a contributing factor to brittle nails, so if you think you suffer from this condition, talk with your doctor. Other health problems, such as an underactive thyroid, may harm nail growth and should be discussed with a physician.

Keep an eye out for signs of fungal infections, which are particularly common in senior citizens. Although these infections can be treated, because of ineffective creams or potential side effects from oral medications, some doctors recommend leaving a fungal infection alone and monitoring it [source: Brody].

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