Freckles 101

How to Hide Freckles

Most likely, a doctor will suggest trying to accept and embrace your freckles as part of who you are. If you have a big event coming up, though, and you're hoping to hide your freckles without necessarily having to get rid of them, there are a few ways to do so.

The first and most obvious way to hide freckles is with makeup -- any type of cosmetic like cover-up, foundation or concealer will work. Makeup can be inexpensive, and it won't harm your skin unless you're allergic to it. And since you can simply wipe off makeup, it's a temporary way to hide your freckles. Some makeup companies also make creams with mulberry and bearberry extracts, and doctors tend to recommend these over hydroquinone creams if you want to lighten your freckles [source: Lloyd].

Some people try to hide their freckles using home remedies. A popular way, for instance, is to put lemon juice on your skin so that freckles will lighten in the sun. There is little scientific evidence to back up most of these remedies, and they may work for some people and not for others.

Freckles may fade with time, especially when you limit your exposure to the sun. Be sure you're always wearing sunscreen or sunblock when exposing your skin. Not only will it help keep your skin safe, but it may keep your freckles from darkening.

Freckles are a natural physical characteristic of many people, especially those with light skin or hair. And as far as skin conditions go, they're among the most harmless marks you could have. But if you're not a fan of them, now you know how to eliminate or hide your freckles. For more information about freckles and skin care, follow the links below.

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