Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Burning and Itching

So it's not bad enough that you want to hide under lots of clothing because your skin looks like a stretched accordion, but now you're very itchy and feel a burning sensation.

Here's where those home remedies or over-the-counter creams and lotions may help. Stretched skin is often dry, and dry skin can itch and burn. Your best bet is to find a moisturizer that works well for your skin, and then use it liberally. Trying out a cocoa butter or shea butter recipe could also help.

To get the most out of a moisturizer, avoid hot showers or baths, and put lotion on when your skin is still damp. Make room in the refrigerator for your bottle of moisturizer, as cooling it can produce even better results [source: Blue Shield of California].

Check the ingredients in the products you use on your skin. You should avoid anything with alcohol, and stay away from heavily chlorinated water. That may mean you skip the community or health club pool, where lots of chlorine is added to kill potential germs. If you live in a dry region, think about using a humidifier to mist some moisture into the air.

Try not to scratch, as it only irritates your skin. Finally, take good care of your nail health by cutting them short often. You are less likely to break sensitive skin if your nails are short. If you experience severe burning or itching, call your doctor.

Unfortunately, you know by now that you cannot completely get rid of stretch marks. They also won't do you any harm, however, and if you catch them early, you may be able to make them less severe. For more research on stretch marks, see the links on the following page.

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