5 Skin Problems You Can Get From Your Pets

Skin Problems Image Gallery You might love snuggling up with your furry friend here, but make sure that your pet isn't carrying some potentially unpleasant companions that can harm you. See pictures of skin problems.
Bambu Productions/Getty Images

They're our best friends and our companions, there to offer a friendly paw or a lick on the face whenever we feel down in the dumps. We love our pets so much so that we share our homes -- and often our beds -- with them.

But the next time you get ready to curl up with your furriest friends, think about this: Your pets can carry a variety of creepy crawly critters that could make you sick. As they roam your yard or neighborhood, cats and dogs can pick up bacteria, fungi and a variety of bugs (ticks, mites and worms) that they can then pass on to you. These bugs can lead to a host of zoonotic diseases, or conditions that are passed from animals to humans. Sometimes your pets can even pick up germs from you and then return them.

This article will introduce you to some of the skin infections you can catch from your pets, and it will teach you some ways to prevent your best friend from giving you a nasty rash.