Mineral Body Wraps

Benefits of Mineral Body Wraps

When former model Tyra Banks and a friend demonstrated a mineral body wrap treatment on her syndicated talk show, she reportedly lost more than 9 inches (23 centimeters) total. Both said they noticed a difference in the way clothes were fitting them after the treatment [source: Slender Smiths]. Other results that people have claimed include:

  • Inches lost all over the body
  • Improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  • Relaxed yet energized feeling
  • Smoother skin
  • Tighter, firmer skin

Getting a mineral body wrap might be able to give you a slightly thinner appearance, but it is not effective as a way to lose weight, nor is it an actual loss of fat. Instead, it's a just a loss of water. The fat cells in your body are compressed as water weight is removed, but they don't go anywhere. The reduction of inches is temporary -- it may last up to one week. Your body works quickly to regulate a water balance, and anyone having a body wrap should be aware that dehydration is a possible side effect. Some people have also been known to have allergic reactions to ingredients in the solution, and if you have any kind of skin condition, you should consult a physician before going in for a body wrap.

Now that you know the skinny on how mineral body wraps can make you appear thinner, you might be wondering whether you can afford one. The cost varies but ranges from about $50 to $130 depending on your location and what kind of treatment you're having done [source: CBS]. If you go to an upscale destination spa, you could pay more than $250 for a wrap.

Since the results aren't permanent, mineral wrap advocates say it is a process you'll need to do periodically. Determining just how often to undergo a wrap depends on what results you're looking for. According to one spa, it's possible to wrap two to four times in one day if you need fast results for a special event, such as a wedding. It also recommends that its clients get a wrap once or twice a week until his or her goals are achieved, and then return for maintenance a few times a year [source: Slender Smiths].

If you're looking to drop a few inches, body wraps definitely aren't a long-term or inexpensive fix, and they do have risk factors, but they are a popular way to achieve fast results. If you'd like further details on getting mineral body wraps, see the links and articles listed below.

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