Paraffin Wax Treatments

Paraffin Wax for Hands and Feet

When paraffin wax baths are offered as a service at a spa or nail salon, the hands or feet are typically dipped into a tub of warm paraffin wax -- often two or three times -- to create a thick coating that will retain heat for several minutes. As the wax hardens, the paraffin's natural emollient softens skin and the heat opens pores. When the cooled wax is pulled away from the skin, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother [source: Barajas].

Paraffin wax treatments are also beneficial to dry, cracked hands and feet. Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer because it forms a light waterproof coating over your skin that helps it retain the oils produced by your body. This "waterproofing" makes paraffin treatments great for soothing and healing dry, cracked skin -- particularly winter-worn hands and feet -- because it offers protection from external elements [source: Clar et al.].

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