Scalp Problems

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Two Words to Make You Consider Homeschooling: Super Lice

Recent findings showed that nearly all U.S.-based lice were drug-resistant. Should we panic, yet?

At a Glance: Scalp Fungus

Scalp fungus can be unpleasant and difficult to treat. But there are things you can do at home to speed up the recovery process.

At a Glance: Face Steaming

Usually when you sweat, it's anything but luxurious. But if it's a steam treatment that's bringing on the perspiration, all of that glistening can be part of a healthful, relaxing beauty therapy.

At a Glance: Scalp Sores

They can be unsightly, uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, scalp sores are typically treatable, although a doctor's expertise may be needed.

Can hair extensions damage my scalp?

Men and women alike have been using wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions for millennia. People have a wealth of hair styling options at their disposal, but will these choices leave them bald?

How Trichotillomania Works

You've probably heard frustrated, angry people exclaim that they're going to tear their hair out. But for people with trichotillomania, that's more than just an idiom.

What is trichodynia?

Many women invest in their hair with regular salon appointments and enough product to fill the Grand Canyon. It's quite a shock to the system when a woman begins to lose her hair. It can definitely hurt your pride, but can it physically hurt as well?

How do you treat ringworm of the scalp?

Children are most likely to contract ringworm of the scalp, but anyone can develop this common skin condition. How can you treat it?

Scalp Fungus Overview

Scalp fungus is characterized by small, round rings found under your hair that are reddish in color. It's actually a form of ringworm, and whereas the condition is pretty easy to treat elsewhere on your body, it's trickier when it's on your scalp.

Scalp Pimples

If you have acne, you probably have a routine for dealing with pimples that crop up on your face or body. But what should you do when you find pimples on your scalp?

Scalp Psoriasis Overview

In the best-case scenario, scalp psoriasis is barely noticeable. But in the worst-case scenario, sufferers must endure significant physical discomfort from an itchy, red scalp with raised lesions and a build up of scales that flake off like dandruff.

Scalp Sores

A number of skin conditions can cause scalp sores, including ringworm, psoriasis, impetigo and pemphigus. How do you know if you have scalp sores, and is there any way to treat them?

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition, causing white flakes on the scalp in more than half of all people. Before you have to break out the medicated shampoo treatments, how can you stop dandruff before it starts?

Can coloring my hair damage my scalp?

You may wonder how you'd look as a redhead or a platinum blonde, but could making that change be risky? Can the chemicals in hair dye damage your scalp?

Dandruff Causes and Treatments

Although your scalp naturally sheds dead skin cells, when noticeable flakes begin appearing in your hair and on your shoulders, you probably have dandruff. But what causes dandruff, and how can you prevent it?

Folliculitis Overview

When hair follicles become damaged or clogged they can cause an irritating red rash known as folliculitis. Unfortunately, a common culprit of the condition is a tempting treat -- relaxing in a hot tub. What else can bring on a case of folliculitis?

Head Lice

Head lice are small, wingless parasites that have one main function -- to live on top of your scalp and feed on your blood. As scary as that sounds, the condition is actually easy to treat. How do head lice pass from one person to the next?

Itchy Scalp Causes and Treatments

Most of us have given our heads a scratch or two at some point, but the causes for itchy scalp vary. Sometimes there's no reason at all, while other times there may be a more serious skin condition behind the itchiness.

Lichen Planus Overview

Lichen planus, an irritating rash that's reddish or violet in color, can affect anyone, particularly people between the ages of 30 and 60. Is there a cause for this mysterious skin condition, and are there any treatments?