How to Prepare Underarms for Waxing

Can proper preparation make waxing easier on underarm skin?
Can proper preparation make waxing easier on underarm skin?
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If you don't want to sport thick growths of underarm hair, waxing is one option for removing it -- but it's not always the most comfortable choice. Ripping hair out by the root can sting; however, with proper preparation, you can reduce pain and irritation and get the most out of your underarm wax.

Waxing your underarms has the same benefits as waxing anywhere else. Because the hair is yanked out from the root, it takes longer for it to grow all the way back to the surface. You'll probably be hair-free for two or more weeks [source: MedicineNet]. Plus, pulling hair out at the root can damage the hair follicle. The result of that damage is hair that grows back thinner and finer, and in some cases, not at all. So repeated waxing often means you'll have fewer and fewer hairs to remove down the road.

But if you want bare underarms, it's going to take a little work. It might be fairly easy to wax your legs or other areas at home, but waxing your underarms could be more troublesome for one reason: It's very difficult to use both hands to get the job done well. You might have a close friend who can come over to help, but otherwise, it might be best head to a reputable salon and get the job done there.

Regardless of whether you wax at home or pay to have it done at a salon, it's important for you to properly prepare the skin under your arms. If you don't, you'll likely find yourself with underarms that are red and irritated. Read on to the next page for skin preparation tips that will help you minimize the discomfort of waxing while maximizing the results.