10 Anti-aging Foods



Garlic has long been thought of as a healthful and flavorful food, eaten by itself or added into a variety of delicious dishes. Its anti-aging benefits include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and protecting and maintaining cell health [source: Butt].

One of the biggest benefits of eating garlic is that it's a natural way to boost the immune system. Garlic has been used in folk medicine to help prevent and fight against infection for centuries, and scientific studies confirm its benefit as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial food [source: Martirosyan].

Additionally, garlic has been linked to helping reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells [source: Butt]. Several studies have shown that the more garlic -- both cooked and uncooked -- a person eats, the lower their risk of getting stomach or intestinal cancers. It's also been linked to reduced rates of breast and pancreatic cancers [source: National Cancer Institute].