Detox Diet: What You Need to Know

Detox Diet Foods


­Since the whole point of a detox diet is to eliminate all of your body's harmful toxins, there are certain foods that are either allowed or shunned. Many foods that we consume on a regular basis can be clouded with toxins such as pesticides, mercury and food additives [source: The Diet Channel]. Other things you would want to stay away from are alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, refined or overly processed food and supplements that have too many additives [source: Every Diet].

Most detox diets will talk about the importance of consuming organic fruits, vegetables and drinks to ensure that no pesticides have touched them. Since overly processed foods are eliminated in the detox diet, you'll want to seek out whole foods like nuts and grains. Additionally, purified water and herbs that naturally help to detoxify the body are a must for anyone on a detox diet [source: Every Diet].

To be more specific, let's consider a sample day's menu. For breakfast, you could eat only one kind of melon. Watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe all count. For lunch, you could choose another fruit and eat only that one type until you were full. This could include some type of citrus fruit, pineapples or plums and a snack of fresh carrot juice. For dinner, you could have apples or bananas or pears [source: Sidhwa].

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