Flat Belly Diet: What You Need to Know

Flat Belly Diet Plan

Unlike many diets that involve tedious exercise regimens and complicated, restrictive recipes, the Flat Belly Diet is relatively simple. The program lasts 32 days, but if you want to change your lifestyle, you might be able to stick with it longer.

It starts with a four-day, anti-bloat jumpstart, which is supposed to cause weight loss almost immediately. The Flat Belly Diet claims this jumpstart could result in a loss of up to 7 pounds (3.18 kg) and 6 inches (15.24 kg) around the waist [source: Oprah]. Individuals do often see results, but it should be said that much of this would be water and gas loss. The creators not only want to use this time to eliminate excess fluids and gasses, but to provide dieters with motivation. Fast results often help people feel successful and keep them on the plan.

After the anti-bloat period is over, you must shift to the long-term plan. You'll spend the next 28 days consuming three meals and one snack per day, each consisting of 400 calories and MUFA components [source: Every Diet]. These meals should be evenly spaced four hours apart, in an effort to satisfy cravings and regulate metabolism. These three rules -- keepings meals at 400 calories, ensuring MUFA in each meal and eating every four hours -- are the staples of the diet. The program claims that if you follow this exactly, you will lose one to two pounds (.45-.9 kg) every week.

While moderate exercise in recommended, it is not a key factor in the diet. The creators believe exercise is an extra step, but not necessary for weight loss.

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