Liquid Diet: What You Need to Know

Liquid Diet Drinks

Depending on the type of liquid diet you follow, you are typically allowed different drinks. If your doctor puts you on a liquid diet, however, drink only what he or she recommends.

Generally, on a clear liquid diet, you need to stick to transparent fluids. Sample foods include:

On the full liquid diet, you can have clear liquids but also thicker foods with a bit more substance. Sample foods include:

Many people also follow a modified liquid diet in which they use meal-replacement shakes or protein powders for one to two meals per day and consume one regular, solid-food meal. This can help stimulate weight loss by consuming fewer calories while allowing the third solid meal to replenish nutrients that are often lacking from diet drinks. Meal-replacement shakes are sold pre-made in cans or in a powder you add to water or milk; people often choose these for the convenience of an easy-traveling meal.

If you are put on a liquid diet plan by your doctor, follow all advice he or she gives you. And, if you're planning to start a liquid diet on your own, it's a good idea to discuss it with your doctor first so that he or she can be notify you of any potential health risks.

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