5 Easy Exercises to Do at Work



Staying on the boss's good side might require some unpleasant duties on your part -- keeping your mouth shut, faking a smile and saying, "Thank you," when you'd rather use a more colorful phrase.

You know who doesn't take any guff from anyone? A boxer.

Take a little inspiration from the ring. Plant your feet about shoulder-width apart and start punching the air, shuffling back and forth while you do it. You can pretend you're raising your fists at the couple who didn't tip or that guy who clips his toenails at his desk -- whatever keeps you moving and gets your heart rate up. Then, pretend you're pummeling a punching bag, moving your fists in a vertical, circular motion.

This one is a little less discreet -- you might have to close the door to your office or head outside -- but it's effective, both for relieving stress and getting in a little cardio.