5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Mens Health Image Gallery Think you can't get a workout just because you're working? We have five exercises you can do without leaving your desk. See more mens health pictures.

If you invented a medication that could reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, lower blood pressure, lower the risk for osteoporosis and mitigate pain from arthritis, you would likely be hailed a hero. However, that ship has already sailed. The medication already exists and it's the best form of low-cost health care anyone could wish for: It's called exercise.

That may be well and good, but how can you access your free daily dose of this prescription when your everyday life gets in the way? After all, you have daily responsibilities -- family, school, work, laundry, grocery shopping, hobbies, etc. Not everyone can budget time (or money, for that matter) for a regular trip to the gym.

Why not consider using one of those daily responsibilities to your advantage? If you pick activities that fit into your life, you'll be more likely to keep them up. So, if you find yourself working away at your desk all day, make your desk also work for you. Get moving through the rest of this article to learn five exercises you can do while still on the job.