10 Weird Workouts

Pogo and Trampoline Workouts

Kris Kross will make you jump, jump, while the Pointer Sisters expect you to jump for their love. When all else fails, according to Van Halen, you might as well jump. So why don't you start jumping as part of your workouts? Or more specifically, try hopping and bouncing.

Many aerobic exercises, like running, can be hard on the knees. If you hop on a pogo stick, though, you'll experience 34 percent less jolt while still getting a good aerobic workout [source: Carey, Fraser]. Another no-impact bouncing exercise is rebounding, which is performed on a trampoline. While just jumping as mindlessly as a kid does is pretty good exercise, rebounding ups the ante by using very concentrated, purposeful movements that force you to engage your core abdominal muscles. You can work your upper body by working with hand weights or a medicine ball.

Rebounding is not about just jumping as high as you can go; if it's flying through the air you're after, you'll need to check out the next workout.