Top 10 Foods for Weight Lifting

The Bounty of the Seas

Seafood such as salmon and tuna fish is a favorite among weight lifters because it's rich in protein, the critical building block for muscle development. But seafood also provides important omega-3 fatty acids that are powerful antioxidants.

"When you train really hard, you get these tiny injuries that get inflamed, and antioxidants can knock down that inflammation," says Clark. "Salmon, fish oil, tuna fish all provide those omega-3 fats, so they would be good."

Even when we're sedentary, our bodies produce molecules -- called free radicals -- that can damage cells. Antioxidants such as those found in quality fish (and a host of vegetables and fruits) help neutralize these potentially dangerous free radicals.

Fatty fish also provide ample supplies of vitamin D, which tends to be lacking in many diets.

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