Top 10 Foods for Weight Lifting

Over Easy

Who can forget the famous scene in Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone guzzling a glass full of raw eggs to jumpstart his training regimen before his title bout with Apollo Creed? These days, no one is recommending the same approach, but that shouldn't discount the value of the egg.

Often maligned, eggs offer one of the best sources of protein available to weight lifters. Eggs whites, which contain no cholesterol, no fat and few calories, are the darling of the body-building set. However, while they pack a solid protein punch, egg whites don't have carbohydrates.

Whole eggs, consumed in moderation, can also be beneficial (and, frankly, taste better). Egg yolks do contain cholesterol and some fat, but also more protein. If you're looking to gain weight, the occasional whole egg omelet is perfectly fine. Clark, however, recommends that you make sure that there's no history of heart disease in your family.

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