10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath


Eat to Smell Sweet

There are certain foods that smell good -- and that make your breath smell good, too. Take fruits high in vitamin C, for example. Melons, berries and citrus fruits such as oranges are packed with vitamin C, something that doesn't sit well with the bacteria in your mouth. Instead of continuing to reproduce, the bacteria will begin to die. And the more C-laden fruits you eat, the more oral germs you'll kill.

Other foods that help quell rancid breath include raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables. Celery, carrots and apples are all good options to munch after a meal because these fiber-packed foods will help remove any food that's stuck in your teeth. These foods also stimulate saliva, which is detrimental to bacteria [source: Gazziniga].

Raw apple slices may be a great way to end a meal and get your breath back on track, but there's one after-dinner ritual that's bad for your mouth. Learn more on the next page.