10 Tips for Skinny Guys Getting Buff

Athletic man doing weightlifiting
With the right tools and determination, you can go from skinny to buff.
Mr. Big-Photography/E+/Getty Images

You're not exactly the stereotypical 98-pound (44-kilogram) weakling, but you've noticed your build is slight compared to most of the guys at the gym. First off, congrats on possessing genes that keep you skinny. But, yes, we understand you'd like to bulk up and look a little stronger. Getting buff is really where it's at.

Well, consider buffness in sight. With hard work and a few lifestyle adaptations, you'll be on your way. Keep in mind, this won't be an easy process. You'll be lifting a lot of weight and drinking a lot of powdery stuff. Plus, it'll take time. But if you're committed, we can help you get there.