10 Tips for Skinny Guys Getting Buff


Be Wary of the Plateau

Don't get frustrated, get creative.
Don't get frustrated, get creative.

We all know what a plateau looks like, right? It's a hill that levels off at the top. That's great if you're walking up it, but terrible if it materializes in your workout routine. It's quite common, however. You may experience big gains at the onset of a new exercise regime, only to notice that they taper off. Many people assume they've gone as far as they can. They're wrong.

To avoid this ever-so-devious leveling off period, be crafty with your body and regularly change your workout. For example, concentrate on a similar set of exercises for each muscle group over the course of six weeks. After that time has passed, introduce a new group of exercises, change the number of reps and sets, add some weight or switch up the days that you focus on certain muscles groups. Your body will react by continually adapting, and you'll keep seeing awesome results [sources: Stenson, McManus].