5 Tips for High Rep Workouts for Men

Remember Who Wins

The fitness world is rife with debates. Opinions on what exercises, equipment and, yes, number of repetitions are most effective are exchanged daily in online forums, coffee shops and gyms. Often the differences come down to semantics. (If one person considers 10 repetitions to be a moderate number, while the other interprets 10 to be high reps, they're actually advocating the same thing.) But conflicting pieces of information can make you want to throw in the towel and abandon your workout routine altogether. That's the biggest mistake you can make.

If high rep workouts represent part of or the majority of your exercise regimen, stick with it. Consistency is king. A person who does gives 100 percent to an intense program but periodically abandons it, will see fewer results than someone who makes a low-key training plan part of his lifestyle [source: Horton]. The winner of any fitness debate is the athlete who stops talking and gets to work.

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