5 Reasons Not to Use the Same Soap as a Woman

You shouldn't just grab whatever soap's in the shower. Rather, choose one that's best for your skin. See more men's health pictures.

You may be a practical kind of guy who simply grabs whichever bar of soap is in the shower stall every morning, but there are reasons not to use the same soap as a woman. For one thing, do you really want to smell like almonds, coconut, pomegranate or perfume? If you wear cologne, feminine soap fragrances may clash with it. Then there's the fact that men's and women's skin has different needs, so you may be getting too much or too little cleansing, moisturizing or exfoliating with a soap designed for the ladies. Also, you could be paying more than you have to by buying a body cleanser geared toward women.

First up is fragrance.