Men's Hygiene

Men's hygiene is an important topic for both aesthetic and health reasons. Men's hygiene isn't just about looking and smelling good, it's also about living a healthy life. In this section you'll find great articles about men's hygiene.


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Man's War With Unwanted Body Hair

After a certain age, a lot of men start growing hair in places they don't want it — and stop growing it where they do want it.

Why Aren’t There More Patterns in Male Pattern Baldness?

Usually men go bald on top or at the front, while hair remains at the back of the head. What's the reason for this?

Drop the Razors, Guys! Chest Hair Is Back

Is manscaping going by the wayside? Not exactly. Things are getting a little hairy in here.

Should a man take a cold shower after a workout?

A hot shower after your workout encourages blood flow toward your skin, soothing your muscles to help you relax and feel good. But what are the benefits of taking a cold shower instead?

5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

Good hygiene is useful for more than just washing away bacteria and other potentially dangerous things -- it also helps us smell fresh and feel confident. But how do we achieve the best, and cleanest, results?

Should men shower before a workout?

We all know that showering after a workout is vital to our social lives. But did you know that showering before you exercise may help you get the most out of your workout?

How are men's soaps different from others?

While men's soap usually comes in solid-colored packaging that evokes masculinity with words like "power" or "blast," women's soaps have images of swans or floating flower petals. But other than advertising gimmicks, how are men's soaps different?

How can a man stay fresh in hot climates?

When stepping outside in a hot climate, you can end up looking like you just ran a marathon in a matter of minutes. What can you do to beat the heat?

How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Back

You look in the mirror to see a pus-filled volcano forming on your nose. You turn around to catch a glimpse of the cyst-like pimples taking up residence on your back. No, you haven't caught the plague -- it's acne. So how do you get rid of it?

Can certain soaps get rid of foot odor?

Sweaty, stinky feet result from natural but inconvenient biological functions. But it's possible to control foot odor by washing your feet regularly with the right antibacterial cleanser.

5 Showering Tips for Men

Your skin is your body's biggest organ, and there's a seemingly endless array of products to keep that skin squeaky clean and smelling fresh. But even the best products can't work their magic if you're not getting all you can out of your shower.

5 Reasons Not to Use the Same Soap as a Woman

You may be a practical kind of guy who simply grabs whichever bar of soap is in the shower stall every morning. But are there reasons not to use the same soap as a woman?

5 Tips for a Man's Morning Routine

Let's face it -- not every man's a morning person. And for those who aren't, just getting out the door on time can be as difficult as trying to solve a complex math problem. How can men speed up and streamline their morning routines?

5 Hygiene Products Every Man Should Have

It's a common misconception that men don't care about hygiene products, and though smelling like roses may not be a man's goal, nobody wants to look unkempt or stink. So what are some products no man should do without?

5 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

If prehistoric men managed to shave with shark teeth, what's your excuse for looking sloppy or smelling funny? Here, five tips to help you be the clean, grown man you always wanted to be.

Why is a man's hygiene so important to women?

Listen up, men. Personal hygiene matters, from keeping you healthy to keeping the women in your life, well, around you. But why do women care so much about a man's hygiene?

What men's health problems are linked to hygiene?

Despite our best efforts, more than 10 million American adults miss work due to health problems each year. But we can take some simple steps to avoid becoming part of this statistic. How can good hygiene help us protect our health?

5 Hygiene Tips On What to Do Before an Interview

Whether you're looking for your first job out of college or recovering from a layoff, you know how important it is to ace interviews. Your qualifications say a lot, but so does your hygiene. How can you make sure it says the right things about you?

Can insecurity cause bad hygiene?

If you don't feel like facing the world, you may force the issue by forgoing personal hygiene. But does insecurity cause poor hygiene, or the other way around?

5 Ways to Keep Up Your Hygiene in the Workplace

You can't do much about the smell of microwaved fish or your coworker's cologne wafting through the hallways at work. But keeping up your own personal hygiene means you won't add to the melting pot of office odors. How can you keep clean at work?

What should all men pack in their hygiene bag?

It's known by many names from toiletry bag to Dopp kit but whatever you call it, you have to have one. The hygiene bag carries the essentials for free-loading, cross-country couch surfers and sophisticated business travelers. So, what are those essentials?

5 Healthy Hair Tips for Men

If your hair constantly feels dry, thin and dead, you might just need to treat your hair different. We've got five simple tips to give those locks a healthy boost.

5 Hygiene Tips for Men with Long Hair

With the right hair care routine, any man can manage long hair without resorting to hats or hair ties. What's the trick to maintaining your long, manly locks?

How to Look Fresh After Working Up a Sweat

Sweating can often be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It produces stains, wet spots and an unpleasant odor. But it doesn't have to ruin your day. There are lots of ways to curb the effects of sweating and, instead, focus on the positives.

How does humidity affect a man's hair?

If you're having a bad hair day, you can blame the humid air, throw on a hat or try to do something about it. Of course, humidity can wreak havoc on the most well-coiffed dude, but does anyone really know how