Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil and Dry Skin

While dry skin may seem like a mere nuisance to some people, sometimes it's too severe to ignore. The redness, flaky skin and itchiness can just about drive you crazy. There might never be an actual cure for dry skin. However, some research claims that fatty fish oils just might help reduce its effects.

One simple way to test this hypothesis is to use a topical treatment -- such as a cream -- that contains cod liver oil. Like lotions and moisturizers you may already be using, these creams should be applied after bathing or washing, since they need moisture to be most effective. You may also need to use them repeatedly throughout the day in order to get the best results.

Another option you might try is taking cod liver oil supplements to relieve your dry skin. Some sufferers of psoriasis, a serious skin disease that can cause scales of dead skin to form on the body, have reported reductions in itch, redness and flaky appearance of the skin after taking such supplements. But the National Psoriasis Foundation warns people to pay attention to the total amount of vitamins A and D they are ingesting when taking cod liver oil to avoid taking too much [source: National Psoriasis Foundation].

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