Colloidal Silver: What You Need to Know

Colloidal Silver Generators

In this day and age of medical and personal technology, it comes as no surprise that the world of colloidal silver has married the two. Although several products are available online, at alternative healing workshops or in holistic health shops, for the tech-savvy, an at-home generator can help you whip up your own colloidal silver products.

There are several places you can purchase your own generator, some for as little as $50. However, as with colloidal silver you purchase in pre-packaged form, the side effects that result from the home-brewed concoctions are just as likely to occur. Also, making colloidal silver at home might be a bit trickier than purchasing it [source: Woolsten]. But imagine using something small enough to fit in your purse to create your own colloidal silver [source: HealthHerbs]. It can be done.

Colloidal silver generators come in a range of sizes, and some of them simply sit on top of a jar or container and pump a current of electricity across a plate or piece of silver. This discharges the silver particles into the water, where they remain suspended. There are several types of suspensions, and sometimes the liquid will appear clear or amber-yellow [sources: SilverGen, Lindemann].

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